We’ve set out to become the place to go to find quality men’s ties with bold and vibrant colours and classic prints, something we couldn’t find in the modern men’s tie market. Some men’s tie outlets seem to have thrown a tie collection together as an afterthought  We wanted to make a concerted effort to create a high quality, style led outlet for men’s neckties.

I bought my first tie to go with a bespoke suit my Dad had bought me for my 21st  Birthday. As fantastic as the suit was, without the specialist tie I had purchased, the final look really didn’t stand out. I normally buy suits in dark gray or black and like the contrast of a colourful tie. This ultimately leads to the complement of ‘Nice tie’ It’s often the first thing people are drawn to and we all know about the importance of first impressions.

So we hope you enjoy looking around the site and find something you like. If not, drop us a line on the contact page and we’ll try and source something for you.