How To Buy Ties

Buying ties can be a very personal thing, but if you’re shopping for a tie, we have some buying tips for you that you might appreciate.

For starters, we’re in what tie manufacturers call a “Woven Market”. No it’s not a like a bull or bear market, it’s just that preference has been leaning to woven silk instead of printed silk. Generally, printed silk is flat with no texture at all, just smooth. Woven ties have depth and loft in the weave of the pattern. Woven ties generally have a pattern that you can see and feel. If you’re shopping online, look for the word woven.

Look for these attributes in Silk ties:


The heavier the silk the better the tie will drape however, too heavy, and you’ll end up with a big knot. In this case you are better
off making a Four In Hand Knot


Wool is best and very forgiving to the elements, but poly cotton is the next suitable lining.


A tie with the rear of the tipping made from the same silk as the front of the tie is best – it hangs better and has a nicer finish.
This is known as a self-tipped tie.


Look for fabric loops, bar tacks and double reinforced neck stitching which are all good indicators of quality.


Look for textures in the weave. Textures create depth of design.


A bottle neck or half bottleneck cut tie will give you a better looking tie knot.


Timeless designs are generally more acceptable for business. Timeless designs are stripes, and checks. The trendy designs are more acceptable for leisure.
Online shopping for ties will always save you some money – though, don’t get greedy. Ignore those claims that you can save up to 80%. Realistically, you get what you pay for.

In conclusion, unlike years ago, like in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s when the fashion look was fixed today there is no rule that you have to lean to one way or another when it comes to ties.

Society has become much more accepting of individualism and comfort, so just wear ties that you like. Don’t be pressured by trends unless that’s what you like.